ADSE Show 2018 – EAM forges 20 year partnership with BC Air Guards for Hel eCrane in Canada

At ADSE 2018, Electric Air & Marine Inc. (EAM) forged a 20 year exclusive partnership for heavy lift aviation technologies with BC Air Guards Systems Concepts Inc., to research, develop, commercialize, manufacture, and distribute manned and unmanned UAV heavy lift aviation technologies in Canada, for use in Canada, and for trade export to international markets.

In this partnership EAM will be the developers and suppliers of it’s Hel eCrane system – a revolutionary new heavy lift aviation system designed to aerially tranport all standard size shipping containers, via two manned and unmanned UAV versions.

BC Air Guards will provide:

  • all air & marine space for Hel eCrane testing & approvals in Canada
  • support and development of permanent airway and marine networks for Hel eCrane, first in BC, than in Canada.
  • testing of Hel eCrane for all necessary Canadian approvals
  • be the source of policies, procedures, and best practices on how to use Hel eCrane in Canada (military version exempt).
  • be the sole training and support services provider for Hel eCrane in Canada (military version exempt).

“We look forward to working BC Air Guards in bringing our revolutionary Hel eCrane system to fruition for Canadians, and for export to the international market.” – Arif Dewji, CEO of Electric Air & Marine Inc. – –

“With much appreciation and delight, we are honoured to enter in a professional business venture with EAM, in developing new synergies for our economies.” – Jacques LeClair, CEO of BC Air Guards Systems Concepts Inc. –

A letter copy of this announcement can be downloaded here.